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Cannabis Packaging: Aspects That Dispensaries & Sellers Must Consider!

Cannabis use is on the rise, more so as majority of states in the US have allowed for medical marijuana. At the same time, 10 states have approved cannabis for recreational use, as well. For cannabis sellers and dispensaries, this is a great time to do business. Besides selecting a more varied range of products, it is also important to ensure that packaging is done right.

Ensuring potency and quality

Cannabis products can lose flavor, aroma, and potency, if not packed and sealed property. This is true for selected concentrates, such as live resin, and dried and cured flowers. In case of flowers, many companies rely on using nitrogen in the package, instead of using oxygen, which delays oxidization. Make sure that every cannabis is packaged as per latest norms, so as to ensure both quality and potency. You will find companies that sell tube joint, jars, and other product boxes, which can be used for specific packaging.

Work on labeling

Cannabis sellers and dispensaries will have to ensure compliance to relevant authority regulations and rules. For example, since more people are using medical and recreational cannabis, chances are high that kids may get access to cannabis at home, and to prevent that, companies need to adhere to Child Resistant Packaging (CRP) norms, as set by Consumer Product & Safety Commission. Label should mention details like potency, THC content, freshness or duration, expiry and other details that may matter for safe use.

Working on the design

Attracting consumers to a cannabis product gets easier when the packaging is done right. The basic rules of packaging do apply here too. For instance, using bright color mixes may work for certain products, while for selected concentrates, more dark shades can be used in an appealing way. There are no fixed dos and don’ts with regards to cannabis packaging as far as aesthetics are concerned, but try to create a brand that stands out. This is the only approach that works for every dispensary and cannabis seller.

Final word

Cannabis companies are competing to offer the best products and more choices for customers, and in that quest, packaging is definitely going to play a dominant role. Check online to find packaging providers, check what they can do for your product range, and try to be creative, while adhering to the norms at the same time. Compliance needs attention, so ensure that you are aware of state rules.

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